Have you ever wondered what makes people start to follow you and continue to engage with your inspiring content every day? It’s what we call engagement and dedication. That’s why we believe we’ve clicked with you. The iDeal intention has always been to make connections.

In the same way you and your followers connect, you and iDeal have formed a beautiful connection. That’s why we’ve introduced Accessories of Attraction, a select range of products that are drawn to each other by a simple magnetic click and effortlessly interchange with one another. Equipped with lightweight magnets, our products effortlessly interchangeable with a simple click. Just like magnets, some things in life are meant to connect to create something beautiful. Something iDeally beautiful.

Please take a look at how the accessories of attraction work in order to inspire your followers in the same way!

Wallet Cases

Mix it, Match it, Love it

We believe in functional fashion with a wide range of designs to suit any style or occasion. Create your own set by Mixing & Matching our products together according to your mood.



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